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Fresh Coconut Milk

Yields: 3 Cups
2 Fresh Coconuts, opened, meat scooped out and peeled (keep coconut water for other uses, see note)
3 Cups Boiling Water

Put cleaned coconut meat in a blender.
Pour boiling water over the meat.
Carefully blend until smooth and thick.
(Take caution when blending hot items as they have a tendency to explode. Blend on slow speed or in small batches.)
Let stand for 10 minutes.
Place a colander over a large bowl.
Line the colander with cheesecloth or a kitchen towel.
Pour liquid through cloth.
Once drained, wring any remaining liquid from the coconut.
As the liquid settles, the coconut cream will rise to the top.

Coconut water is an excellent ingredient in light Caribbean cocktails. See Caribbean Coconut Cooler, page ???.
The powdery coconut left in the towel can be used as a breading for fried shrimp or vegetables. It can also make a decorative rim for a Coconut Martini, page ??.

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