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Warm Northfork Merlot with mulling
spices and honey (16 portions)

3 (750 –ml) bottles Long Island Merlot
2 Cups light brown sugar
1 Cup honey
3 branches thyme
4 fresh bay leaves
12 Cloves
14 Cardamom pods- lightly crushed
2 T Aux Poivres Spice blend
5 pieces Star Anise
8 (3 inch) Cinnamon sticks
4 oranges- sliced in half moons
Caramel rimmed glasses
Vodka as needed at the pick-up

Pour the wine, sugar and honey in a non- corrosive (stainless) pot and bring to a simmer.
Place the remaining ingredients, except the orange, in a cheesecloth, tie and place in the warm wine. Allow to infuse for 10 – 15 minutes over heat and then add the oranges. Taste and adjust sweetness and spices, keep at bar in a thermos.
Serve in caramel rimmed glasses with a little vodka to add a last minute kick.

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