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The following books are all in the process of completion and need a good home. Agents and publisher wanted.

- Paradise Kitchen - a Chef’s Year on a Caribbean Island
- A Chef's Diet - Sautéing Off the Pounds
- Kid’s Kitchen - an Illustrated Guide to Cultural Cooking
- Herban Pots and Pans - Windowsill and Rooftop Herb Growing and Cookery
- Ms. Cluckles, the Renegade Chicken (a children’s book)


There are many opportunities to bring the flavor of my kitchen into homes across the country, hell, the world. Let’s think big.
- To order spices for your home kitchen please click here...
- Retail and wholesale opportunities. email me
Contact me about getting Kitchen D'Orr Spices on your shelves! Gourmet shops are having great success placing them by the cash register. Grocery stores, fish mongers, and butchers: I suggest that you put them on the fish counter or in the butcher shop for added sales in those areas. Contact us about personal appearances and sample recipes. email me
- Industrial Size Kitchen D'Orr Spice Blends. email me

If you have a corporate kitchen, country club, or any food service business where you want “Chef Quality” meals without having a chef on the payroll, call me about using my spice blends in your operation. The blends are not recipe or menu specific, so you can have your team create extremely tasty dishes using your standard recipes and adding a few of my magic blends. Your guests will ask “do you have a new chef?” See menu consulting for added assistance. email me



- Personalized consulting is available. Please contact me directly with your projects. email me

Tour Guide

- I am available to conduct group tours throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and New York City. Please contact me directly to learn about availability. I plan to travel in the Far East at the end of 06, so check with me after that for my Thai Tour ideas. email me




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